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Announcements and Blog by the artist D. Loren Champlin

Archives 01/01/08 to 06/30/08

1 Feb, 08 Installment Sales and Gift Certificates and Payment Changes

New Addition Installment Sales: See a painting for sale that you want and wish you could pay in installments? Well now you can by visiting our encrypted page the Installment Sale Agreement Form. Basically, it breaks the payments down into 6 equal installments for the price of the painting on the date of purchase and puts a hold and locks in a price on the painting while you are making payments on it. After the last payment is made, the painting is shipped to you within 7 days. You will need, the title of the painting that you want, your billing info, and a credit or debit card to bill to. If the painting isn't for sale because it has already been sold or being held for a show, you will be notified that the agreement cannot be made before any charges are processed.

New Addition Gift Certificates: Not sure what to buy, but have a special someone you want to buy for? How about a Gift Certificate and give the gift of art without the stress of what to pick. You may purchase gift certificates here at Gift Certificate Purchase at our secure commerce website. Prices ranges go from $ 20 to $ 10,000 depending on which gift certificate you chose from the drop down menu. You may purchase gift certificates via visa / mastercard credit or debit, paypal, or google checkout. You are given a special pin to enter upon checkout which can be applied to shipping charges as well as the actual purchase price.

In other news, American Express and Discover will no longer be accepted via our direct merchant processor. You may however, still use both cards via Paypal if you chose to use them.

20 Jan, 08 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery (New York, NY) and other news

Beginning Feb, 2008, the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery located on 25th street in NYC, NY will be representing my works until Jan, 2009. There will be a group show featuring a few works of mine in the gallery in the fall of 2008. More to come as the arrangements are solidified.


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