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Announcements and Blog by the artist D. Loren Champlin

Archives 01/01/07 to 06/30/07

29 May, 07 Subject: CafePress

We are discontinuing offering items directly from CafePress. If you would like a t-shirt, button, etc., they will still be available; however, you will need to send a special request to the artist. There are no plans to renew direct purchases from that vendor in the near future. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

4 May, 07 Subject: More than Birth Show May 1-30, 2007

2005 "Mother and Child" and 2007 "Coming of Winter" was entered into the "More than Birth" exhibit and will be shown May 1-30, 2007 at the following url It will be publicly juried at the end of May sometime.

24/4/07 Subject: Damnation of Faust to appear in Saatchi Showdown

The "Damnation of Faust" is scheduled to be entered into the Saatchi Showdown. The link so you can vote (it is a public juried competition)is Damnation of Faust at Saatachi Please do vote, it helps a lot.

22/4/07 Subject: Cafe Press Images Restored

I am pleased to announce that the prints and gifts available at Cafe Press are now restored:)

20/4/07 Subject: UGGGH Nor'easter snow and other news

Well, we got a nor'easter snow for 3 days which knocked out the satellite for 3 days - so much for spring. I really love the snow, and here well, it is on the ground at least 8 months of the year, but getting 2 feet (that's what 0.6 m) of snow towards the end of April when the crocus flowers should be coming up is just silliness. Not to mention the power and the satellite has been knocked out for several days ugh, the joys of living in rural areas.

In other news. . . Well, I used to have a website up featuring my artwork from 1996-2000. Coding was much simpler back then, I think. 8 years off the internet is well, eternity. So really have worked on getting the pages I have up to the current standards of code with layers instead of frames (actually so much more versitility for creativity for layers. And tweaking this and that so that search engines pick things up. Even they have changed their criteria. All in all the changes over the last few years have been for the better. I should be all set to go back to painting, enjoying the coming warmer weather, and adding content rather than changing existing code.

Paypal certainly has made commerce easier, I sold on E-bay for a while during its golden better years and have gotten used to that. It is so much easier to use and set up than it used to be. I've had a merchant account for years to accept credit cards anyway, tho.

Well, I must be off, best wishes to all!

20/4/07 Subject: Known issue with cafe press

Cafe press had something that corrupted their images, and about 80 % of mine were affected:( They are in the process of trying to fix the situation. . .

In the meantime, if you are interested in prints, please use either Imagekind or Deviantart or buy direct from my commerce page.

9 Apr, 07 Subject: Imagekind

You can now purchase prints of my works at Imagekind as well, the url is

7 Apr, 07 Subject: The Swan Featured in Show

"The Swan" AKA "Swan Lake" a 1995 pastel work is in the show "Wild Birds" at EBSQ. The address is

The original of this work is unfortunately sold to a buyer in Atlanta; however, Deviantarts offers prints of this work.

Feel free and take a peak at the show. It lasts from April 1-30, 2007

6 Apr, 07 Feature at Absolute Arts 10 Apr, 07

I'll be the featured artist at Absolute arts on 10 Apr, 07 so check it out! Link to portfolio there:

4/4/07 Now you can buy prints at Deviant art

Well, I broke down and joined Deviant art for prints. I really like that they proof the product before they actually sell it and I've heard good things about their work. Their commission seems highish tho. I joined their premium print service so it takes a day to get the print "approved" for inclusion.

not sure how many I'll submit here, I guess it depends on how well it does. I did the webcast promo thingy which guarantees 1,250 hits, so maybe it will become a major venue.

Cafepress things get buried so quickly and finerworks although they do really good work and have better commission structures, they don't seem to promote as good as deviant. We shall see.

4/4/07 Woohoo Juried Group Acceptance

Woohoo! I was accepted into Absoloute Art's juried member section. If you want to view the profile/ portfolio go to Should be a good opportunity to get the word out I would think but time will tell. Best wishes, Loren

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