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Announcements and Blog by the artist D. Loren Champlin

Archives 07/01/07 to 12/31/07

20, Dec, 07 Subject: Interview with the artist

I decided to publish the ArtisSpectrum interview which was completed in July, 2007. Although life is a river filled with floods and droughts, most of the answers remain the same, but some have changed somewhat; nonetheless, it provides a rare glimpse into a snapshot of my life. I would say that with every perceived disaster, every flood, what we as a people and a world tends to focus on the disaster and forget that the floods lay down fertile soil for rejuvenation and planting and without the periodic floods, the soil becomes less fruitful. Even the hurricane disaster of New Orleans as gruesome and apocalyptic as it was, it brought everyone together making us as a nation stronger and provided an opportunity for growth and rebuilding of the city providing countless jobs and new beginnings. You may view the snapshot here at July 07 Interview.

18 Dec, 07 Subject: Artist's Forums

The artist's forums - a public forum for announcements and input has been replaced by this page which is more of a journal or blog format. The reason behind this was due to the very high volume of unwanted spam which had to be deleted daily or more to keep the board clean. All the topics of the old forums have been moved here.

7 Dec, 07 Subject: Better Late Than Never Show Dec 1-31, 2007

Three equine works were sent to the publicly juried show "Better Late than Never" at EBSQ - meant to show them in their equine exhibition - oops. Jurying begins Dec 31, 2007 - Jan 8, 2008. If you would like to vote or view the exhibition, please visit to see the show.

10 Nov, 07 Subject: Press Release at Maine Arts Commission

The Maine Arts Commission published a press release in regards to the upcoming show at Agora Gallery. Details of this press release may be found here:

9 Nov, 07 Subject: Announcing upcoming show Feb 29 - Mar 20, 2008

This is to announce an upcoming show Feb 29 - Mar 20, 2008 at Agora Gallery, 25th street in the Chelsea district of New York City, NY, USA. This is a group show, opening reception is on Mar 6, 2008 from 6-8 PM EST. In addition there will be an upcoming review of my work in ArtisSpectrum.

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