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The position of the links is periodically randomized; therefore, both new and old listings have an equal chance
of being on the front page.

It may take up to one week after recording your listing before your listing appears in our local search engine.

The delay of validation of registrations can sometimes be rather long, several weeks in extreme cases if we are very busy.
Please be patient without making new useless registrations. It is completely useless to register often.

The fact of registration of your site implies the complete acceptance of these terms of use.

Information of the recording of a site

- sites can join only only once for the same url in a single category per subscription,
- The listing fee is non-refundable once it is listed
- All listings may specify a small logo or other picture not to exceed 120 pixels wide and 100 pixels high
- (the default picture is a snapshot of your homepage if no picture is provided)
- Your listing will have a short description (under 250 characters) and title (under 75 characters)
- Your listing must be listed in or transcribed to a European based language


- The listing is only the responsibility of the team of and while you may suggest categories,
titles, descriptions, images, etc. the final decision of the placement and appearance of the listing is at the
discretion of the editor.

- reserves the right to modify the information of the recording including: 1) to reduce
to the prescribed size the length titles and descriptions as well as images 2) to choose a column more adequate
than that chooses by the webmaster of the registered site. 3) to not list, remove, or disable sites that fail
to meet the terms of listing as described below 4) to edit the description and / or title to more accurately
describe the content of the listing, to make it more readable, or to transcribe it into a European language
5) To remove hyped text like "the best" or "#1" or edit listings made in all capital letters or contain profanity.
6) If you fail to provide a title or description, to use the page's meta tags to list the website within the
appropriate guidelines.

Editorial responsibility

opinions and comments of are the only responsibility of the team of
We can not be responsible for comments left by the guests of the site.

Exchange of links (Only required for Basic Listings)

- The registered webmasters have a period of 15 days after registration to insert a link into their
website on an appropriate page. The following links may be used.
This code allows a new window to open, without the guest losing the referring site.

Text Link:

<a href="" target="_blank">Art Resources at</a>

Banner Link:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""
alt="art resources at"></a>


As the site grows, many new categories and sub-categories will be added. Your listing will be moved automatically to one
of the new categories by the editor if it is more appropriate for your website.

Languages: Any European based languages

Search engines, Directories, and Sites Promoting Art

The search engines and non-specialized Directories can join in, if the url provided is directly related to the
practice of arts and / or crafts.

Refusals of registration

The demands of registration can be refused for the following reasons (not exhaustive list):
- An identical listing already exists for the site (same category and url),
- the site is inaccessible,
- e-mail address is invalid (returned to sender),
- information supplied is illegible or cannot be translated,
- the site is in construction,
- the url has no connection with art or too little of a connection to art,
- the site does not match the title or / and the description given,
- the site contains too many pop-ups
- the site contains viruses or other malware,
- the site contains too many advertising banners,
- the url contains too many links to irrelevant content
- the site contains links to MLM's, gambling, or other questionable links
- the site does not respect copyright law,
- most of links do not work,
- The site can contain mature content; however, it must be in good taste and will be listed at the discretion of the editor
- the site contains links to or contents involving unlawful activites, racism, discrimination, violence, or other content deemed untasteful at the discretion
of the editor
- the site is merely a redirect towards another site,
- the registration of pages of an artist hosted in a blacklisted site,
- the site uses spamming,
- payment is not received or is returned
- any other reason at the discretion of the editor

Cancelation of listings

A site can be permanently or temporary removed by Champlin-art Directory for the following reasons (not exhaustive list):
- at request of his or her webmaster,
- if the site introduces, after the recording on the Directory, any aforementioned elements
from the list of the reasons of refusal of registration,
- if the listing is only a basic listing that requires a link back to us, the site ceases to link to us
- sending of messages containing insults, rudeness, or threats in any kind,
- spamming email,
- any excessive or unfair use of the Directory.



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