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Song of the Innocence from 2009 Songs of the Son Series by D. Loren Champlin

Song of Innocence from the 2009 Song of the Son Series 2009 oil painting on linen 20 " x 34 " (51 cm x 86 cm)

Description: This is a 20 in x 34 in (51 cm x 86 cm) abstract representational figurative oil painting on linen original of my child entitled Song of Innocence from the Songs of Son Series by the Maine artist D. Loren Champlin. The child is sitting on the floor on a cold autumn day with his hands tucked in his jumper coat for warmth.


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Mariposa Fine by D. Loren Champlin

Mariposa Fine 2010 commissioned oil painting on linen 48 " x 62 " (122 cm x 157 cm)

Description: "Mariposa Fine" This artwork was a very large commissioned work done on two panels and is 48" x 62" (122 cm x 157") completed in 2010. The work was based on a poem written about the patron's life experiences. It is filled with flowers and butterflies as it is life renewal. A work that everyone can relate to symbolically in some way. The work was done as a large oil on linen by D. Loren Champlin.


Bio of D. Loren Champlin:

D. Loren Champlin’s work engages the viewer on a visceral level. He is perhaps most concerned with portraiture and scenes that portray highly emotional human relationships or comments on the human condition. This direct emotional link between the subject matter and the artist is transmitted directly to the viewer, creating a strong emotional bond between the viewer and artist that lends his work an extraordinary pathos. Working with a vibrant palette of earth tones which resonate deeply with each other – rich oxblood reds, puce and Prussian blues abut vivid greens, yellows and swirling orange – Champlin’s strong sweeping brushstrokes weave a tapestry of expression. Here, painting is the ultimate synthesis between artist and subject matter. Both are transformed, taken away from themselves and made into a third entity that captures representational images with emotion.


D. Loren Champlin lives in the highland of Maine.  A professional artist since 1992, he is currently working on two series, the largest of which is his ‘Songs of the Son’.

Artist's Statement:

Champlin prefers portraiture and emotional scenes of the human bond and of the human condition. It is this energy and emotion that binds the subject with the canvas and forms the symphonic nature of his work. It is the merging of the moment onto the canvas. A symphysis of subject and form. Champlin boldly uses colour and line to express his artistic vision. The colour is weaved together to form a tapestry. Bold lines give a feeling of motion and energy. His works are the passion and energy of life and the fluidity of which life entails.

Painting is the symphysis between artist and subject - the subject and the artist transcends a part of themselves to the painting creating a perfect union. It is a butterfly and the flower, the butterfly paints the flower flowing on the wind to the next to create new life - the miracle of pollenation.

Painting is a way of thought. There are no words really to describe the process as thoughts are emotions and hues and shapes. It is calculated chaos resulting in harmony. Painting is to capture the spirit as if one could take a breath of wind, hold it and give it to another. Painting is the spirit of man transcended onto canvas.

Art will always be interesting as we are innately intrigued about the plight of the human condition and of the plight of ourselves. It is a map of our journey - our past and our future. This is my inspiration.

Past Exhibits:

1992-93: Madison Ave Art Gallery (Memphis, TN).

1997: International Gallery of Art (London, Ont.).

1997-98: Gallery One (Ellensburg, WA)

Dec 15, 1996: cover of the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine.

Oct. 2005: juried show in the Period One gallery Colour III exhibit (Omaha, NE).

EBSQ Shows 2007 -->

Agora Gallery "Figuratively Speaking" , 25th Street, NYC, NY Feb 29-Mar 20, 2008.

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery "Serenade From a Star", 25th Street, NYC, NY Aug 1-Aug 26, 2008;

Agora Gallery, "Contemporary Perspectives" 25th Street, NYC, NY, Jan 30 - Feb 19, 2009

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery (NYC, NY) " Salute to the Stars"; May 8-Jun 2, 2009

Juried book 'International Contemporary Masters 2009' editor/curator Despina Tunberg.

Art Acquisitor magazine review summer, 2009.

Artispectrum magazine review, May 2009

Harlow Gallery (Augusta, ME) Dec. 4 - 13, 2009 8x10x80


Recent Exhibits:

Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art (Las Vegas, NV) " International Contemporary Masters" Feb 20, 2010 - Avr 4, 2010 Opening reception ; works at exhibit will be exhibited at their "Museum Emporium" until Feb, 2011

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery "Echos of the Inner Vortex" (NYC, NY) 25th Street, Avr 2-27, 2010 Opening Reception

Agora Gallery, 25th Street, NYC, NY, Jun 4, 2010 - Jun 25, 2010 Opening reception Jun 10, 2010 18:00-20:00 EST

Artists Haven Gallery (Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA) Dec 1 - 31, 2010 Opening reception: Dec 4, 2010. Works on retention for exhibition Avr, 2010 -->


Juried Member Absolute Arts; Master Member United Creators; Member Kennebec Valley Art Association

Recent and Current Gallery Representation

Represented by: Agora Gallery (New York, NY) 2007-2011

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery (New York, NY) 2008-2011

The Fuschia Tree (F-7 East of Kailash, New Delhi, India) 2007-2010

Contemporary Art Network NYC, NY (CANNYC) 2009-current

Artists Haven Gallery (Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA) 2010-current

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Artist: D. Loren Champlin Location: Maine USA


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